Laying Instruction

Essential Information of Wall Tiles For Vendors / End Users


  • 1. For proper laying of tiles. hire an experienced mason.
  • 2. Before fixing tiles must be soaked in water for about an hour. Soaking of tiles is not required in case of fixing with chemical adhesive.
  • 3. The wall surface is to be rough plastered using mortar composed of one part cement and two parts sand.
  • 4. On the wall surface, a coat of very thin cement slurry should be applied by brush at the time of fixing the tiles.
  • 5. The mortar is to be spread on the back side of the tile. This should be composed of one part cement and two parts sand.
  • 6. Tiles so placed in the mortar should be gently raped to ensure total mortar contact.
  • A. Shade and Size variation is an inherent characteristic of ceramic tiles. Before fixing, the tiles should be mixed separate boxes to have random blending and avoid obvious patches.
  • B. Variation of any should be brought to our notice prior to laying tiles.
  • C. Mixing of time with cement, careless mixing or deliberate use of rich mixes will lead lead to wall tile failure.